The best mug(s)

By Peter Clark

I drink a moderate amount of tea. Perhaps three cups per day. Like an insane person I have something of a schedule for tea:

  • Early morning, I want the biggest cup possible

  • Mid day, I want a regular cup

  • Noon, I want a small cup.

Working backwards, I have found the East Fork mug to be the best small mug. It's about 10oz, which is tiny! It's a beautiful mug and East Fork is a splendid company. This is actually the singular gift I give to people.

I find Hasami mugs to be the perfect average mug. It's about 14oz. I have a collection of both "raw" ceramic and treated ceramic ones, and I really like the raw affect. Hasami also make all of my flatware.

I have found that Lail mugs are the ideal large mug. They're a generous 16oz. The thing I really like about them is that they have heft.

In general, I find mugs too small! For example I could never purely have East Fork mugs since 12oz is just an absurdly small amount of liquid. I treat mugs and most other home accessories as very utilitarian — I want them to work really really well, and I just can't make a really small mug work well.

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