These things don’t suck

I abhor buying stuff, so if I buy something, I like it to be the best. The best isn’t the most expensive, nor the cheapest, nor is it the most famous. But I genuinely feel these are all the best of their categories:

Belt: Best Made Kevlar Smokejumper

Wallet: Noah Lambert

Rucksack: master-piece OVER ver.5 No.03456-v5

Spectacles: Oliver Peoples Ziegfeld

Pen: Pilot G2 0.38mm

Stylesheet Language: scss

Mouse: Logitech MX518

Pants: Outlier Slim Dungarees

Sports Jackets: GANT by Michael Bastian

Loafers: Bass by Mark McNairy

Pale Ale: Hitachino Nest

Polo Shirts: Kent Wang

Dog Leash: The Fair Lead, Calypso

Underpants: Mack Weldon Trunks

Tshirts: Icebreaker Bodyfit 150

MongoDB browser: humongous

Twitter Client: Tweetbot

Rugby Shirts: Michael Bastian

Boat Shoes: Sebago

Daily News: NYTimes

Sports News: BBC Sports

Weekly News: The Economist

Magazine: PORT

Emergency Lighter: Maratac Titanium Pea Lighter

Outerwear: Barbour Beaufort

Shorts: Outlier Three Way Shorts

Glasses: Libbey Gibraltar 16-Ounce

Update #2

Earphones: Sony XBA-40iP

Denim: Rogue Territory Stantons SK

Sneakers: Tretorn Nylites, Nike Roshe, Nike FlyKnit

Sunglasses: Randolph Engineering Intruder, Ray Ban Wayfarers

Notebook: Düller Ring Notebooks

Bicycle: Kona Smoke

Water Bottle: Sigg Heritage


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